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    LeadPro uncovers hidden value by converting portal enquiries and website visitors?into booked valuations.


    "In our first month of using LeadPro we did two additional valuations"

    Ian Fraser, Branch Director (Islington)

    Does it feel like valuation leads are hiding from you?

    Applicants to Instructions

    32% of all buyers enquiries from the portals, have to sell their current property before they can buy.

    ? Over the phone applicants can be reticent to disclose they have a property to sell, meaning agents can lose out on hidden value.

    ? It’s not always possible to speak to every applicant, often they are unavailable by phone and don’t return messages.

    ? Applicant's normally contact multiple agents at once so getting detailed information out of them can initially be difficult.

    Website Visitors to Instructions

    93% of vendors compare estate agents’ websites before choosing with whom to book a market appraisal.

    ? Many vendors are put off by inaccurate online valuations and can decide not to work with an agent because of this.
    ? Most instant online valuation tools are expensive and don't show potential vendors comparable properties that have recently sold in their area
    ? When applicants do have a property to sell, they are often not yet ready for a valuation, and it can be really difficult to know when is the right time to speak with them again.

    How many instructions is your agency losing out on each month?

    A branch that lists 10 properties for sale each month can win an additional 2 instructions a month by better converting their website traffic and turning portal enquiries into valuations.

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    How does LeadPro work?

    Generate more instructions

    Add an instant online valuation tool to your website, email and social media.
    Turn unknown website visitors and social media users into valuation leads. ?

    Show comparable properties that have recently sold in the vendor’s area.

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    Convert applicants into instructions

    Instantly respond to every portal enquiry with a branded email and text message.
    Send all applicants a pre-qualification questionnaire to find out if they have a property to sell or let.
    Automatically refer out of area valuation leads to your branch network.

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    Track sales performance

    See weekly valuation leads and their status.
    Learn which sources bring you most instructions.

    See which portal provides the best ROI.


    These agents are already winning more instructions using LeadPro!

    "Most leads come in between 8pm - 10pm, with LeadPro we can instantly respond "

    Davinder Gharial


    "LeadPro gives us a competitive edge against other agents and online agents"

    John Chase


    "I was pleasantly surprised how many people actually fill out the LeadPro form"

    Perry Power


    "In our first month of using LeadPro we did two additional valuations"

    Ian Fraser


    "We've found LeadPro really useful in obtaining background information on all our enquires"

    Hannah Drapper


    "LeadPro tells me which applicants are pro active so I know who to focus on"

    Kristjan Byfield


    "The first phone call we have with applicants is much better as LeadPro gives us more info"

    Nick Cheshire


    "In the first month of using LeadPro we had 19 vendor leads and 3 landlord leads"

    Ian Tate


    "We save so much time as we have pre vetted information on all applicants using LeadPro"

    James Vesper


    Plus many more agency brands, totalling to over 500 branches

    ? Same day set-up and training provided.
    ? No lengthy installations or additional software required.
    ? Premium accounts have monthly rolling contract, no lock-in.


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    ? How LeadPro better qualifies and nurtures all your leads
    ? How the LeadPro dashboard allows you to better manage your leads
    ? How the LeadPro Instant Valuation Tool can generate more leads
    ? What lead metrics and insights LeadPro can provide you, including branch and team member leaderboards
    ? How the LeadPro Auto caller helps you respond to leads quicker

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